About us

Hi. Welcome to Cult Tribal’s site.

It’s not much, yet. It’s all very new. But Cult Tribal is an agency to help brands unite tribes. By connecting with purpose, by standing for something, something that people want to be a part of. Because we all have a need to feel like we belong. Somewhere.

A tribe is a group of people connected through shared beliefs, or a shared passion. A community.

And a good brand, with a good experience, a human experience built around doing the right thing, can do that.

This site is really just the documenting of the founding of this new adventure, for now. But soon it will be the sharing of the work we do with the brands we’re building, the stories of the tribes we’re helping unite.

Thank you for having a look. Feel free to get in touch or subscribe to follow the story as we build this thing into something that can do things good for all of us.


André Eikmeier